CNC Machine Burnaby

Progress Machine Ltd is a well known CNC machining shop in Burnaby offering high quality sub-assemblies and metal parts as per customer specifications. We serve the Burnaby area with CNC machine, crusher parts repair and veneer services. Both metals and alloys are covered in our services. Besides CNC machining, we also offer the traditional services that help you find the perfect part as per your requirements. It is our primary focus to deliver the product as per your quality and cost expectations.

Trusted Local CNC Industry Leaders

In the local industry, we are a leading provider of CNC machine Burnaby solutions. Our services for CNC include design, anodizing, machining, assembly, packaging and deburring. We have a diverse and talented team that excels in CNC fabrication Burnaby. Even for complex machining jobs, we have the mini CNC milling machine Burnaby that delivers the exact specifications. No matter what the product size and volumes, we will deliver the most befitting services as per your requirements.

Sale and Repair of Lathe Machines

Looking for lathe machine repair Burnaby? We have our expert team ready to assist you with affordable and quality lathe machine repair services in Burnaby and surrounding areas. We excel in repair of:

  • CNC Lathes Repair

  • Turning Centers

  • Conventional Lathes

  • Semi CNC Lathes

  • Precision and Engine Lathes

  • Conventional Milling Machines Repair

  • Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers

Just call us to discuss your lathe problems with our expert repair man.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for various services including CNC manufacturing Burnaby, cone crusher repair and sale of CNC machines in Burnaby and surrounding areas. We repair, manufacture and improve the various machine parts. Hard work of our talented employees deliver the right solutions with the advanced technology. It is the flexibility in work that allow us to deliver anything that our clients expect from us. We always give consideration to client’s needs and listen to your requirements to provide results that match your specific needs.

Cone Crusher Repair Burnaby

Want better performance from your cone crusher? Whether you use a double-toggle or single-toggle action machine, we deliver the right solutions that meet your target. Wear and tear of cone crushing equipment means that moving parts require constant repair. From the hydraulics to the spiral bevel, we repair every component of the cone crusher. Besides cone crusher repair, we also do cone crusher enhancements that recondition and repair your machine for the ultimate in performance. Achieve lower cost/ton and get the best out of your machine.

Are you looking for CNC machine for sale in Burnaby? Give us a call Today.